Thursday, March 6, 2008

I can only have an orgasm with my legs straight and tensed

I can only have an orgasm with my legs straight and tensed. Is this weird?

The truth is a lot of people wonder if they look or act silly when they're feeling especially pleasured during sexual activity. And, the truth is that a lot of people do really different things- some people moan loudly, some scrunch up their face, curl their toes, even laugh! If you're comfortable being sexual with your partner, it's likely that it doesn't really matter all too much what happens when you orgasm. Regardless, try to focus on the orgasmic feeling you've just achieved, rather than your appearance. And, keep those orgasms coming!

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Anonymous said...

I think whoever posted the answer missed the question...she said she can ONLY orgasm with her legs straight. This poses a perticular problem with intercourse since straight legs with a straight body rarely appear in sex. Best thing would be to 'train' yourself to orgasm with them open, as if someone is with you. Masturbate without letting your legs fully close and your body will get more adept at letting go with that special someone, nomatter what shape your bodies in. p.s., it's not wierd, lots of girls do it. I speak for my girlfriend who used to accidently start pushing me away whenever she reached orgasm because her legs naturally tensed and straightened out.